This was my second time at Beautycon London. Last year I went along with my friend Clare as she won two tickets and thought it would be nice a day out with her. This year I went with my friends Hayley and Katie. I noticed on the website there were more brands leading up to the event and different ones from last year so why not? I know there were bloggers there but before the event I did not follow Youtube bloggers or any bloggers so I have probably gone past a load of well known bloggers just to be clueless. The only known people recognized were Jay Manuel & Rochelle Humes.


I clearly chose being fashionable over being practical

All 3 of us aren’t hardcore blog followers. Although we like doing our makeup we were more focused on our uni studies and jobs to have any time to be searching around the web. Was so amazed to see so many girls in heeled boots! Though I was being fashionable I sticked with flat boots to be practical and to be kind to the feet. As I was walking around I was scouring about for fashion ideas off the ladies. We did not get the visit every stand but got round the the majority.

My thoughts on each:

Metix – Metix is an app to browse and buy beauty products celebs and bloggers use. This was a fun stand. A candy floss maker, a sweet stall, a Christmas tree full of gifts and an arcade crane machine with freebies inside. A fun way of getting some freebies. All you had to do was download the app (Apple Store Only) or like me on Android #metixapp on Insta. With the crane machine I got a small Seventeen lipgloss and at the Xmas tree an anti ageing day cream (reasonable size)

Real Techniques – Makeup Brushes. Take a picture, tag it and get yourself a free brush. Cheekily we went round again after a while and got another. In our swag we got the miracle complexion sponge and the bold metals arched powder brush. Though good products the stall was not selling any of their products at all even though loads were on show! This came as a disappointment as I am sure they would have made a fortune that day.

Yes I pose …

L’Oreal – Tweet about their new mascara and their tweet automated vending machine will happily drop one out. The people assisting the machine were really lovely but when it came to the makeovers this was a let down. The makeover me and Hayley got was a face glow which involved highlighting our faces. Both makeup artists did not say anything, I had to talk to mine to get her to say what products she was using but both generally silent and gave off the impression like they did not want to be there. Big letdown.

Eylure – As I wore my lashes for the day I did not get mine done but Hayley and Katie got theirs and it really brought out their eyes more and not in a dramatic way. Eylure had their products on sale – 4 sets of lashes for £10 or 3 brow products for £10. Bargain! Went for the brow products personally.

Cosmetips – A website to sign up for to get tutorials and browse beauty products used by celebs. A small and easy stand and for signing up a free small makeup bag. Friendly staff.

NYX – This was my favourite!!!! Line up for selfies and hashtag it on social media, spin the wheel and win a prize (I won finishing powder). After they were really pushing their glitter pots so we got our eyes done. Since I was wearing black and bronze colours I went for a copper colour and I LOVED IT! Even when we went for the dinner the lady serving me at GBK complimented my eyes. The glitter did not fade at all. Only time it came off is when I took my makeup off. Definitely buying these after Xmas!

Copper eyes <3

Pixi By Petra – Both freebies and to buy products. Take snaps, post it and get a free brow kit. Also while lining up free moisturising wipes were being given out. I did not get in the photo as I could not fit in but the guy working at the stand gave me a kit anyway. I told him thanks for the sympathy palette, he laughed, I laughed, got a freebie

Oh Grainne Mccoy from The Apprentice was there!

Go Get Glitter – Specialist face and body art company. Decided to buy some glitter products after seeing the applications they did to some girls around the event. Will test it this week but it is looking hopeful and a contender to the NYX products. Each glitter pot was £6 and when you buy 3 the glue was free.

Lime Crime – This stall was extremely popular with a trailing que. I have never heard of this brand but clearly from the que Ive been under a rock. Katie told me her flat mate had some products which stay on and are really good. Decided to buy 3 lip glosses and a diamond crusher. Havent tested yet but will do soon!

Vitamasques – Korean Beauty Masks. Got a free tea tree oil mask sheet to try tomorrow so stay tuned!

Soap & Glory – Our final stall. Offering glitter lips and once you take your photo in the booth and hashtag it you get a free peach party with your name on it…fancyyyyy. Loved the photo we took here. The ladies were all really bubbly and loved the photobooth. Wish I had that lighting.

A long day but the beauty haul was worth it. Entry tickets were £30 each but all my freebies worth totalled to £113. Result! After the event I’ve decided to start this blog, wear glitter more and get more in touch with my feminine side. My only big disappointment was there were no stands to do with hair or nails. If these could be added to next year then I would rate it even more.

Beauty Haul!!!