How depressing was 2016. Ok there were some good bits but lets look at it in a nutshell –

  • Many famous people died. People who even  may not have been in the entertainment industry did many things to contribute to our society in a positive way
  • The terrorist attacks not just in Europe but across the world
  • Zika virus outbreak
  • Brexit causing tension within EU
  • The Syrian refugee crisis

Unfortunately we still live in a society where people are still out to get each other, online bullying, jealously, hate, lies, cheats, crimes. Oh yes this is our world. Sucks right when you think about it? Are you one of these people who are sucked into it? If you are one of these people who likes to make other peoples lives hell THEN SORT IT OUT.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who are tangled up in this mess not because you want to then STOP AND LISTEN! Want to know who is important? YOU ARE! Trust me, for someone who kept putting herself second because I cared for others it stopped me caring for me and before I knew it I was in my own problems. Self care is so important! Happiness and positivity is so important! Sorry if I come across a bit hippy like but we need to start caring for ourselves and and helping others. A good balance is needed. Not just mentally but physically and emotionally as well.


Ok this sounds like a hard one and possibly stupid but think about this…. Open up a typical news site (For this example im going with the Daily Mail) The first couple of articles are about – A women in a white house, Britains new EU rep, terrorist crime, a death, jobs, drugs & rape, taunting, assault, drunks… you catch my point. This news is either a load of slow news day crap or something sad and depressing. Depressed people are easier to control. When was the last time you read a happy article? Either stop reading the news or find a website where there is positive news so you remember we live in a happy place


Oooo this can be quite poisonous. Someone you into messing you over, a two faced friend,  backstabber about? CUT THEM LIKE A GUILLOTINE. I kid you not you need lots of willpower. I have done this before and the relief of not having to deal with so much stress and shit in your life is a big lift. A lot of medical issues actually stem from stress so kick that stress out! I know you may fear the change but be strong!


They can be stubborn mules. Only true people who see the wrong will change. If they don’t then they are not worth your time.


Putting yourself down just puts you in a depressive state and before you know it you will start to believe crap and cannot recognise a compliment. You are great. Compliment yourself from time to time. Tell yourself you are great and you are beautiful!


Do some yoga, read a book in peace, meditate, dance when you are alone, sing in the shower, have a nice bath, get a good nights sleep, look after your diet, have good hygiene. Sounds a lot but really its just things you will do in your day to day life.


Manners and kindness never cost a penny and never killed anyone. So why not start looking after you and dont been a douchebag to others. Lets make it a year of positivity!