Stuck on date ideas? Why not be mix it up and do an A-Z of dates! Start from A and work your way down to Z. Why not tweet and instagram is and make it a thing between you are your SO. Some of my A-Z ideas of dates right below:

A- Aquarium, Arcades, Art Gallery, Afternoon Tea

B – Bowling, Botanical Garden, Baking

C – Crazy Golf, Cocktails, Comedy Club, Concert, Cooking Class, Camping

D –  Drive In Movie, Dance Class, Double Date

E – Exercise (Those who train together stay together), Education

F – Fondue Night, Fun Fair, Farmers Markets

G – Go Karting

H – Happy Hour, Hiking, Horseback

I – Ice Bar (helps if you live in or surrounding areas of London) if not then an Ice Cream Parlour, Ice Skating,

J – Jazz Club, Jigsaw Puzzles

K – Karaoke Night

L – Live Show, Laser Quest

M – Massage for Couples, Mini Golf, Musicals

N – New Challenge ( Ever tried pottery?)

O – Outdoor Walks

P – Picnic, Painting Class, Paintballing

Q – Quiz Night

R – Room Escape, Rafting

S – Spa Day, Shopping Trip, Salsa Night

T – Trampoline Parks, TV Marathon, Tennis, Theme Park

U – Unwind Day, Underwater Activities,

V – Video Game Night, Volunteering, Vacation

W – Wine Bar,

X – Xplore City

Y – Yoga Class

Z – Zoo, Zombie Escape