I’ve only been with Luke for roughly 8 months but it has been an absolute whirlwind! For once I am actually dating someone who is quite a bit older than me (5 years) but the great thing is he has enough life experience where I don’t so he guides me along in what I am clueless to.

Now I’m head over heels still! There was a time where things got tough due to my anxiety but if it wasn’t for his tough love to me, I wouldn’t be sitting here anxious free because he made me see I could not lose someone to anxiety again and made me get serious help.

This man means so much to me. Have you ever woken up and fallen asleep thinking about the same person? Because he makes me feel that way. When he stays at mine when my mum is away I love being that housewife girlfriend where he comes home to warm, comfort and love. I’ve even come home to him doing my ironing and I didn’t even ask him to! He really is a gentlemen, its even the little things he does that I notice whether its buying me flowers randomly, holding my bags for me or even opening the door and letting me go first. He genuinely puts me first. He even puts up with the fact I put myself forward for weekend overtime which takes a lot of time out of my life but its more money but hes so proud I do it.

Even writing this I have had a struggle because I can’t find the right words to explain how I feel or even the words I use are an understatement. I know it hasn’t been a long time but I can’t wait for all the things ahead. The holidays where we adventure about, the little dates where we can be cute or just completely nerd out, just everything because Im always happy around him. And that’s what matters…happiness.

I’ve been very lucky to have Luke in my life. He treats me very very well and supports me in what I do. We have a joke here and there but I love how we fit so well together like a jigsaw. I have my perfect match and he makes me happy. Just for the rest of life now 🙂