I’ve only been doing this gig for 2 months so the things I picked up along the way:

  • Good things come out to those who wait  go out and get it. Magically people won’t read my blog, for that I have to do followings, join twitter chats and participate
  • Crowd Fire was a real get help to start discovering people.
  • Joining Instapods has helped my Instagram
  • Went to a seminar organised by The Bloggers Hub. Was a great place to network and pick up tips!
  • Interact! Read other peoples blogs, comment on the posts and follow them!
  • You will get those people who follow then unfollow. Ignore them. Just get on with your posts 🙂
  • Investing in a good camera helps. Canon M10
  • Some people have blogs dedicated to certain topics e.g.beauty or fashion but mixing it up is good
  • My most popular posts have been Get My Look or any products advising buying products. Weird how people like my look I don’t consider myself fashionable!


Only a few things but can’t say I haven’t learned!