So after loads of comments on my instagram about how good my skin is I thought I may as well share my routine!

Lush Dream Cream £6.50 – 100g

This is my saviour. I suffer from eczema pretty bad. Eventually any cream I used even Sudocream started to flare up my skin. I’ve been using this for over a year and no reactions! I keep this cream in my fridge so any inflammations are calmed down. If you aren’t feeling the price of this then I would recommend good old Nivea! This product I use daily.

Simple Kind To Skin Toner £2.63  from Boots

I don’t work in an office environment and I am always open to dusty and dirty areas. I make sure almost everyday I wipe this on my face to clear my skin gently and keep it radiating. For having eczema on my face this works really well

Balea Exfoliater – 1.45 euro 75ml from DM

I pick this up from DM in Sarajevo – the store is across Europe and is a great exfoliater for my face. If I run out I just pick up the No 7 Boots exfoliater.

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Oil – £5.59 125ml Boots

If you like myself have dry skin and notice that makeup remove irritates your skin then I advise to switch to oil based products. I use Garnier Micellar Water to clean the makeup off my eyes but Simple Oil makes my skin feel nice and moisturised after I take my makeup off and does not irritate my eczema!

Charcoal Clay Mask

I can’t remember how much this product cost but I got it in Savers so its gotta be cheap! Im really on some charcoal hype with using tablets for my stomach and cleaning my teeth and the mask doesn’t let me down either. Clear skin and really feels smooth!

Tea Tree Oil Nose Strips – £1 for 6 from Savers

I get blackheads and my pores all clogged up. This product is fragrant and really worth its value as the first time I used it, it pulled so much crap out of my skin! This is a real bargain!