Since I did a careers fair today for recruiting for my apprenticeship I thought it would be good to tell you why I chose the career path I currently am in!

I did Maths, Physics & Chemistry A Levels at college and I always knew I wanted to do Physics at University as it was my passion and I loved the challenge, only problem was I did not know the exact career I wanted to go into.

When I got my first year results through I got CDD and was heartbroken. To be fair at the beginning of the year my dad was diagnosed with cancer so my focus was not always there. Obviously universities don’t like grades as low as mine so I was like “err what now?” Visiting universities showed me that I could enter via a foundation year but in my mind I felt I maybe better off entering the Ford Motor Company Apprenticeship. I had a friend who was on that apprenticeship at that time who rated it and I knew the grades I needed I achieved at GCSE level so what did I have left to lose?

Fast forward to end of college and on the same day I was offered both the chance to go to university and to join the apprenticeship which the latter I chose! My reasons:

  • I was going to be paid a proper wage (not apprenticeship wage)
  • I was guaranteed a job at the end of it
  • I had the chance to gain qualifications while being paid
  • Industry experience
  • The chance to work for a respectable global company
  • The chance to move around Ford once out of the apprenticeships
  • Gain new skills both in theory and for practical work (mainly!)

It was pretty much a no brainer. A 4 year apprenticeship that started on 12k and final year being on 24k before moving onto more with shift work and overtime as a bonus after the apprenticeship was complete. Best bit was I joined just in time to be offered to do a degree part time with the foundation year being funded for me! Wahey! No student debt and even when I did my BEng some of it was paid for by Ford! It was literally like I hit the jackpot!


Oh did I mention I met Prince Andrew?

4 years later and its completed! I’m earning more than the national average, I am currently doing my degree part time while I work full time with the degree being sponsored, I have the chance in time to move up the company. I literally cannot complain career wise! 4 years of studying both theory and practical has truly paid off!


The End 🙂