Trying to find a decent quick meal thats gluten free isn’t the easier of tasks. I found out this product through a review at Kimberley Jessica’s blog. I was curious to this product and she really rated it so I thought well it can’t hurt can it?

Popped over to their website to see what their company is about. They sell their products either on the website or via Amazon. The flavours include:

  • Warrior Fighting Shrimp
  • Hong Kong Street Beef
  • Tai Chi Chicken
  • Dragon Fire Mushroom
  • Penang Chicken Curry Laksa
  • Shaolin Monk Vegetable

The Hong Kong Street Beef appealed to me more.

First Impressions:

Attractive packaging with a fitting theme, all writing is easily readable, the logo is simple and fun and overall would be a product that would catch my eye in a supermarket.

Inside the packet:

I don’t normally eat Pot Noodle but I was not expecting this look. Its not a bad thing its just I never been a massive noodle fan so its more that it caught me by surprise. Under the noodle there is more broccoli and chilli.


Pour hot water in and leave for 3 minutes then chown down like you are in downtown Kowloon!

Overall Impressions:

The smell really made me feel like I had a genuine dish of Hong Kong Beef infront of me. It was aromatic but not over bearing. They were not holding back on the flavour, the chili really kicks a punch! Having the broccoli was a nice hardened texture when mixed with the soften noodles. Easy to eat and the best bit was after it all I felt full in a comfortable way, not a horrible sluggish way I normally get when eating noodles with gluten.

Mr Lee has not disappointed. A quick easy meal at 235 calories and gluten free should catch the eye of anyone who is time restrained and/or suffers from a gluten intolerance. I would very much recommend this product and would purchase again.

* All views are of my own. This review was out of choice, not paid.*