Came across Kiss Air Candles on Twitter and if you know me personally you would then know I LOVE SCENTED CANDLES!

The candles are made from Soy Wax for cleaner burning, long lasting burning and for scents to fill the room. With over 25 products to choose from I was stuck for choice! Scents like Frozen Margarita to Jam Sponge to Peach Bellini I was really lost at which to pick! In the end I went for Blueberry Cheesecake.

First Impressions

The large tin was packaged really well! No damage, careful protection to the product. The tin is beautifully designed. Its is appealing to the eye and if these were sold in a shop it would definitely pull me in to see what the product is about. 

The smell is just as it says on the tin. The smell isn’t powerful which is good because some candles can be too strong and can smell sickly but this literally smells like I just picked up a blueberry cheesecake!

During Burning

I left the room for a while to let the scent come out instead of instantly picking up the smell of burning from the matches. I went for a shower and came back and instantly I walked into my living room and the smell hit me! Not a sickly smell but it fills the room (which btw my living room, dining room and conservatory are all connected as one) which I was impressed at being a big room. The smell literally was heaven. Everytime I walked into the room BAM! The gentle smell got me

Kiss Air have really caught my attention. I’d love to buy their products for my friends. The large tins cost £9 but for a small business and with such luscious smells and beautiful packing is worth it. Support small businesses!

*All views are honest and of my own*