I headed up to the Balance Festival on 13/07 in Brick Lane, London. As this was my first time I rather take my time looking about getting the feel of the place. The festival did offer fitness classes from £6 which is something I would take up on next year. There were plenty of stalls about and I want to share my favourite ones with you!

Pana Chocolate


Cacao chocolate that is suitable for gluten free, soy free, dairy free and vegan. I firstly was expecting this kind of chocolate to taste really strong in a bad way. I hadn’t tried this kind of chocolate before so I really was expecting an off taste. But I actually loved it! I love mint chocolate and the taste was definitely not artificial tasting! I even brought a bar. Cost £3.50 for a size of a bar of soap but I really loved it!



Vega does plant based powders. They made up smoothies with their vanilla powder, almond milk and banana and OH MY GOSH! The typical whey proteins you get taste so vanilla like I find then the vegan ones have this off taste but this was the nicest blend. I would really consider getting the nutritional powder!



I already eat Nutribrex but their granola is a new product soon to be sold in supermarkets so we got the first taste in. I was kindly served a sample with hazelnut milk and blueberries and this is the nicest tasting granola. It doesn’t come out in clusters but more as porridge oats so can be used in different ways. I was so impressed I took up their offer on 2 bags for £5

Two Chicks Chirps


A crisp made from rice flour and egg whites say whaaaaaaaat! So light, so airy. The taste was so strong, its high in protein, natural flavouring, and suitable for vegetarians!


I tried these at last years Allergy & Free From Show. I’ve been wanting to buy these and keep forgetting! Their products are made from chicken and they do flavoured products which are so full of flavour and so mouth watering.



And finally for best top slogan…


By Lorna Jane



Did you go and enjoy any products or classes?