I have been wanting to see STOMP for ages ever since I caught a glimpse of one of their performances at West End Live. I eventually coaxed the boyfriend into going one Sunday afternoon.

This musical is not like the others around London. Firstly there is no orchestra. Secondly there is not speaking or singing. So what is this?

STOMP is renowned for using everyday objects as instruments and creating music. The variety of objects used in the show was made. From typical paint cans and metal bins for beating on to newspapers, matchstick boxes, broomsticks, basketballs, trolleys, rubber tubes even kitchen sinks filled with water hanging from the casts necks. Crazy right?

The show was 1hr 40min long without an interval but each section flowed into the next. The timing of each cast member was immaculate and the way they used the everyday objects to bring the right beat and sounds to create such lively music was fascinating to watch. Though all set up like a dance routine I could sense the cast was relaxed which gave the watching an easy going feel. One scene which involved newspapers involved one of the cast mucking around and another cast member could not help but laugh but just that laughter gave the mood in the room in a life.

This is the only musical I have been to where they encourage the audience to participate by clapping in certain sections and the way they reacted to whether we did well or not. This musical really screamed that actions speak louder than words. No words with the audience. None between each cast member. I loved it. It was certainly different!

My boyfriend really isn’t a musical guy but this he enjoyed so much. Given some time I would definitely come back here. I don’t want to go too soon so it loses its sparkle but to go back at a time so I can say that it was just as good as the first and I loved every minute of it.


Header Source: officiallondontheatre.co.uk