Budapest was so lovely when I went and I’d love to share with you what you should do if you go out there!

1. Have a Chimney Cake


A cake cooked on a spit which is coated  sugar and other flavours can be added to it like cinnamon or chocolate. These sweet hot cakes are a Hungarian tradition and I definitely recommend this!

2. Visit A Thermal Bath


If you don’t go to a thermal bath did you really visit Budapest? This is one of the tourist hot spots Hungary is known for. We went to the Széchenyi thermal bath. In mid December with light snow you wouldn’t know it was that cold, thats how hot the baths were. They are busy but you really should go. £15 approx entry.

3. Visit The Christmas Market

15578738_10154717553115761_8735927651129912597_n Ok so this really is a December thing but for a rustic style Christmas market with handmade crafts and lots of foods then come visit at Vorosmarty Sq. Hell I even ate a chicken testicle (not as bad as you think). Lovely place but be warned some stalls can be pricey due to being a Christmas hot spot!

4. Visit Castle Hill District


A historic place which has the Royal Palace, Fishermans Bastion, Matthias Church. You can either take the funicular or walk up the hill. Not only with historic spots but little cobblestone streets with cafes this is a worthwhile place.

5. Eat at Comme Chez Soi


This you would need to book quite in advance. This is no.1 restaurant on Trip Advisor. Note in the picture they aren’t big plates but describe them as “small boats”. It is such a small place but the service and the food is the best I have ever tasted. Best birthday trip! For what it is the price isn’t actually that expensive


Have you been to Budapest?