Who doesn’t love Lush products???

Crazy to think I am still going through all the products I got from Christmas, especially that I got the biggest gift set – Lush Legends. So by random selection The Olive Branch was chosen!

What Lush Say About The Olive Branch

“Your skin will feel as if it’s being bathed in the glow of the Mediterranean when you take this into the shower.”

First Impressions

The colours were weird. Half of the bottle was a dark orange and the other was white but once you read the label you realise you got to shake it as its the oil/water mix, so shake shake shake and voila a more appealing orange appears. Not one of my favourite shades but guess I am used to shower gels being more of a brighter tone

Using The Shower Gel

NOTE! The gel is not like you typical creamy shower gels. It does consist more of a runny texture so I would advise to use a scrunchie for this product. The smell really filled my bathroom up. The bottle mainly states ingredients of olive oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves. I felt the smell was more leafy, probably the vine leaves coming out more. Everything else was more of an even blend and did not stand out too much.

After Smell

The smell did not really last on me but filled up my bathroom. It is aromatic but it would have been nice for the smell to stick to me which was a let down.


Rating: 6/10