Love treating myself every so often. Ever since I’ve been to all these Bloggers events I really am getting into makeup and beauty more! I needed this Shopping Haul!

Eye Primer – Kiko Milano £7.90

After reading tips on another blog I decided to purchase some eye primer to keep all my glitter in place and make my eye shadow pop! I love Kiko Milano products so thought I would test this one out. This comes in either pearly or neutral but I opted to keep it basic on neutral.


Urban Studio Blending Sponge – TK Maxx £3.99

My sponges get so dirty its unreal. Need a backup and this is a bargain! TK Maxx are totally Aladdins Cave but you can find so much!

Makeup Primer – Kiko Milano £12.90

Again another primer. I’ve wanted to hide my smooths and give a smoother appearance to my face. Lets see how this one pans out!

Pina Colada Shower Gel – Body Shop £3.50

I have a spare set of like everything at my boyfriends so its easier inside of lugging all my stuff back and forth. Since my boyfriend used the last of my shower gel so needed a top up and I absolutely love strong smelling shower gels. This was for sale at £3.50 down from £5 and it was so worth it. I used it, got the boyfriend to smell me and man I was a human pina colada. LOVE THIS ONE

So Eco Stippling Brush – £3 TK Maxx

Get extra brushes in since always having to wash my takes forever, so backup brushes always help. This is a stippling brush which I would use for my liquid foundation. Ethically sourced products too and super soft!

So Eco Concealer Brush – £3 TK Maxx

Another bargain brush! This time for my concealer since I am rubbing it in with my fingers atm, BAD I KNOW! Hence why I finally got this!

Blending Brush – Kiko Milano £10.90

I own one blending brush and once that goes in my black or blue eyeshadows thats it, need to make sure I wash it before next use so here we are at the backup brushes again! Kiko are a good brand so thought I would mix up the brush brands and try one of these.

Foot Smoother – Body Shop £4

Summer is here! And so are the flip flops! Need to keep those feet in top condition so I decided to purchase this scrubber from The Body Shop to make sure my feet are smooth and in good condition

Peppermint Foot Cream – Body Shop £9.50

And to go alongside the scrubber is this peppermint cooling foot cream. Antimicrobial properties and soothes the feet.

Revolution Setting Spray – Superdrug £5

I have needed a setting spray for so so long! This is a perfect pick up. I haven’t used one before so the brand I wasn’t too fussed about when choosing.  So far the product has been great, even in this heat!

Any products take your fancy?