Sarajevo, a place I visit every year and never get bored. So let me show you the places you need to visit and things you need to do!

1. Eat Cevapi

If you come to Bosnia and don’t eat cevapi, did you really go? Classic traditional dish made up of mini koftes, somun bread and raw onions (which in Bosnia are really sweet). Can order in 5 or 10 cevaps. Best way to eat them you need some kajmak (cream). Rip some read to wrap around the cevap, dip into the kajmak, then into the onion and munch away! Serious this is the only way I can eat 10 cevaps! So tasty!

2. Visit Bascarsija

A historic part of the city. Built during the Ottoman empire, it has a real class Turkish feel. Made up of many bazaars, you can find places to eat here (plenty of cevaps), local crafts and gifts but mostly jewellery shops. Yes ladies, rows and rows of jewellery, I kid you not!

3. Visit Avaz Twist Tower

Sarajevo’s answer to The Shard. Head up to the 36th floor for panoramic views from the deck or even drop down one floor to have a coffee and view the city. Only costs between 1-2km (45p – 90p)

4. Go To Terme Ilidza

Public swimming pool. An indoor heated section during winter and outdoor section for summer. Here you will find wave machines, slides, jacuzzis. Entry depends on time of day + weekday/weekend but bring money for food and if you want a massage! This is literally the place to chill all day. Temperatures between 30-40 degrees Celsius during the summer its perfect!

5.  Visit Town Hall

Town Hall (Vijecnica) reopened in 2014 after being destroyed in the war. With Austro-Hungarian decor, the place is wonder to visit especially for those into design and architecture. Normally there are exhibitions held here. I got to the see History of Sarajevo 1914-2014 which covered aspects of war, fashion, media. Really informative. 5km entry (£2.25)

6. Go To Latin Bridge

If you love history then you really need to go here. At this point is where Gavrilo Princip shot Franz Ferdinand which kicked off World War 1. At this street corner there is a museum dedicated to Sarajevo 1878 – 1918 (Austro-Hungarian) period.

7. Go Up The Olympic Mountains

Just outside of the city are Bjelašnica, Igman & Jahorina. Sarajevo hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics (Torvill & Dean won gold here – fact!) During the winter season these mountains are covered in so much snow making it the perfect place for skiing/snowboarding. Even outside the winter the mountains are a quiet place to visit especially if you want to see Sarajevo from a different view.

8. Visit The White Fortress

Now look at the view behind us! You can go up to either the White or Yellow Fortress. These were used as defenses for the old town Vratnik. Over time The White Fortress decayed due to poor maintenance and all that is left is ruins but both fortresses are currently great vantage points.

9. Go To The Eternal Flame

Based in the city centre, the Eternal Flame is a war memorial to the victims of the second world war. The flame burns all the time 24/7 even when it rains and snows the flame still burns. A truly beautiful memorial.

10. Visit Shopping Centers & Cafes

What I love about shopping over here is that it is rare to find shops that are normally found over in the UK here so this gives a chance to find more unique pieces of clothing. There are big shopping malls such as Sarajevo City Centar (pictured), Alta and BBI Centar. Inside you will find plenty of dining choices, cafes especially where coffee is cheap. Note – Smoking is not banned indoors. Being in cafes is so much more relaxed over in Sarajevo, every time takes their time and nothing is fast paced. Literally just chilling. The cafes do a great selection of foods, cakes & ice creams. I recommend Meetropolis & Vatra which can be found across Sarajevo.


Not many know of Sarajevo, so what do you think? Somewhere you would like to visit?