Got this Marc Jacobs mascara back at the Glamour Beauty Awards and its taken me this long to finally get around to it! Mascara I find the hardest to buy since I am really picky. I look for both volume and length. I want a mascara to stand out alone in pictures when I am not wearing my lashes.

First Impressions

Minimalism design but Marc Jacobs being the big brand it is doesn’t need loads of fancy looks to stand out, their products alone can do that. The brush tapered into the middle and back out to the ends again. Good amount of mascara on it.


I have my routine of doing mascara – bottom lashes, inner corner of upper lashes, rest of upper lashes. As I was applying I found that the mascara applied smoothly, no clumps at all, lashes not sticking to each other


Right Eye w Mascara. Left Eye w/o Mascara

Not the best of pictures but its like 29 degrees outside, my skin was sweating and trying to get a decent close up isn’t easy. But voila! The mascara was absolutely perfect. This is what I have been looking for. Length & volume! Even taking a picture later on my phone front facing the mascara still showed up! I’ve struggled to find mascaras that show up well in front facing cameras but it worked!


This mascara is retailing at £22 in John Lewis & Net-A-Porter for 9g. A higher end product. If you want quality then this is a product for you. I know some may think that £22 is pricey and personally I would agree but if you are sick of going through mascara after mascara with lackluster results then I would advise to save for this product as it is worth the time and results. Hung Vanngo really rated this product and I can see why!

Is there a mascara that you really like?