If you are a steak lover then this may catch your eye.

I came across this restaurant when browsing through Trip Advisor. I was trying to find a restaurant to take my boyfriend to and ladies, you cannot go wrong with steak! Well unless he is a vegan or veggie. Steak & Co is situated in London with 5 restaurants.

Inside the restaurant is classy, polite waiting staff & quite a cosy atmosphere.

How Steak & Co Works


In the menu, you choose your steak, a butter, a shake and a sauce. Sides such as fries are extras. As you can see in the picture you get served this. Your plate, your steak on a hot plate and the butter, shake and sauce in your little dishes. The steak is only cooked slightly, the rest is up to you! How annoying is it for restaurants to have food served back because it was not cooked rare or medium or well done or whatever one was ordered. Well this is where you come in. With the hot plate you cook it to how you want it! Use the butter to help cook the steak, the shake for flavour and sauce for good measure!

This idea is brilliant! This is the steak place to go to! Oh and don’t pass up on the dessert menu either. 

Even when my hot plate went cold as we were right by the door, we asked the waiting staff for a new plate and no objections they brought one over straight away. The restaurant is slightly more priced than your typical restaurants you may normally go to but if you feel like treating yourself and do want to spend that little extra then I would recommend here.

To check out the restaurant just click Steak & Co to find out more