Another city break away. Whether its long holidays or little trips, I want to see the world! I booked Rome as part of my boyfriends birthday present so I made sure it was packed out trip across a weekend.


I’ve noticed quite recently that when I am booking with Expedia I practically always get offered British Airways flights from Heathrow so once again here we are. Would I book with BA again? If I could avoid it I would. Ever since they changed their food services so food and drink is no longer complimentary in Economy class, we got 100% ignored. No offers to buy any food on board, all focus was on Business Class. I got better service with Ryanair so guess I will be looking elsewhere.

Flights from London to Rome took 2hr 20 minutes. There are 2 airports in Rome – Ciampino and Fiumicino. We flew into Fiumicino which is closers to the seaside with taxi transfer taking 1 hour. You can take the express train which takes 30 mins into the city direct but as our hotel was not the most obvious looking one we decided to get a taxi so we knew exactly where we were.


Well it was more of a guest house. We stayed at the Colosseo Panaromic Rooms which is literally right outside the Colosseum. So if you want to be right by Rome’s most popular tourist spot then look no further. The guest house is a B&B so breakfast view goals are on point.

There are only 4 rooms but Roberto the owner was so lovely and helpful! When we got there he got our a map and showed us the areas best for food and best tourist spots. We also got advised on transport routes too. Such a lovely man. The rooms were spacious and comfy. Could not find anything wrong. It is not luxurious like The Shangri-La but if there is nothing to complain about then it shows why on Trip Adviser it has a 5 star rating

Tourist Spots

There are plenty of areas to visit when going to Rome. Colosseum is the one to go to. There is not anything to do inside the Colosseum, it is more appreciating its history and architecture, something which you will do across Rome. Any old buildings are protected. You will notice this as houses and new building are built around it, preserving history.

Rome, Italy, History

The Trevi Fountains are also impressive. Even Luke (my boyfriend) got blown away and he thought originally it would be like any other fountain. When you see sites like these as well as Spanish Steps & Pantheon you really get blown away thinking how these were made years and years ago and how they still stand to this day so impressively.


Rome, Italy,

Trevi Fountains

Rome, Italy

Altare della Patria

Rome, Italy


Rome, Italy

Spanish Steps


Before you go to Rome I REALLY advise you get a Roma Pass. Allows you to get on all forms of public transport and depending on the length you choose for the card you also get entrance into a certain amount of attractions. (Note: 1st Sunday of any month, attraction are free entry). Getting  on the metro and guiding yourself about is easy. There are only 2 lines A & B, C due in late 2017. The Metro does not cover all parts of the city so you will need either the Bus or Tram which we struggled to work out. There are no maps outside the stops, the bus stops are not obvious and everything is in Italian so trying to work out where the Bus had to go to really was not easy. One time we got so confused we just got in a taxi to where we needed to get to.

Vatican City

Vatican City is technically the worlds smallest country by land size. So you can kill two birds with one stone and technically go to another country. It is free entry into St Peters but outside you can check for what times the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum open. We were too late so we missed out on the later but St Peters is really grand and impressive, something I would recommend to visit.

The Disappointing Part

There was one thing that did let the trip down and it was the amount of harassment. Firstly you get the typical people who ask you to come into their restaurants or tour guides outside the Colosseum. The restaurant people aren’t bad once you say no thank you they back off and the Colosseum, just ignore them, get the Roma Pass and go through the group entry you will be inside within 5 minutes. I hated the people that really get in your face trying to sell you anything such as selfie sticks, hats, fans, anything. Just every minute they ask you. So it gets really annoying.

The worst I found was those who will give you “gifts” and act like it is for free but the come back and ask for money and they are not looking for just 1 euro. One guy on the Spanish Steps I gave him all my change and that was all I had. He wanted 5 more euros which we did not have and really was pestering. Luke has to drag me away. It just felt so awkward. This was the most I have ever been harassed. I never got this in Berlin, Budapest or Sarajevo. I just wanted to wander the city freely without someone in my face every minute.


Disappointing part to the side. Rome is a city to visit especially if you have an interest in history and architecture. Obviously this is a city to visit if you love food. I wouldn’t even touch Trip Advisor as every place we went to had delicious dishes. Hey even grab a food tour! The style of the building and streets will make you appreciate the culture and how everything was created.