I’ve heard mixed review when it came to Primark’s beauty section so I thought I may as well give something a go, just to see for myself. I’ve been really busy recently so when I saw they sold their own sheet masks I couldn’t pass up the chance to try one for £3. I should be looking after my face a bit more so taking some time out to try one is no excuse. There were a variety of choices with different options but in the end I went with Dream Snatcher for balancing.


The cover caught my eye as it said “Printed Mask” and had a cosmic pattern on, so I did question was this really the case? Other sheet masks did have different patterns on the front. The back claims the main ingredients to be – Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid ( great for moisturizing and replenishing) and Aloe Vera.

Simply just take the mask out, place on your face for 15 minutes and wipe away the excess


The Mask

Yeah I was right. It really was a printed masks. First I have ever seen. The mask was tougher than other sheet masks I have tried which is good as you don’t want that feeling of paying for a product and it ripping before you even have had to chance to try it. The mask was wet but not overly soaked, once again good as you don’t want a flimsy product. My only negative point is that I found  the sheet mask to be wider than normal so a little bit did drop into my ears. During the 5 minute duration of wearing the mask I did not find any physical reactions to my skin as I tend to have dry rough skin which can also flare up pretty easily.


Checking my skin out after there was no redness or soreness in any places. Even in the day I was at the gym sweating out and at work which can be a dirty environment and my skin still felt great. I did not find my skin was heavily moist and soft but at the same time no horrid roughness or flare ups.

I do wonder if the £3 is more to the fact that you are paying for the print on the mask. I have previously tried the Garnier sheet mask which can you read about here and that I know you can buy in Savers for £1.49. For quality, Primark’s sheet mask can be rated with other well known brands but even now I am still debating on its price.