Oh my. Blogging is not easy. So much hard work to put in. It still does worry me, I mean I sit there wondering if my content is good enough. I remember starting around December last year (2016). I was at BeautyCon and saw many girls making vlogs and I thought to myself “I’d love to talk about products I like and share the places and event I head off to.” I think December was a hard month to start in. First of all I had no clue was I was doing, Secondly it was all about Blogmas, Thirdly my birthday and Christmas came along so everything was quite busy and clashing.

Its hard to find your niche immediately. I sat there thinking to myself, well I suck at hair and makeup so no chance I can be a proper beauty blog. I had not traveled a lot so really I could not be a travel blog so I ended up with lifestyle which for me is a mix of everything. I go out and about and I try new things so why not mix up my life in a blog. I would like to think that I relate to the average girl. I am no makeup artist nor a stylist so why not review some products that I would use as an everyday girl. I went on a lot of city breaks in a year so why not share these posts? Just the average girl here.

Now why ‘The Real Ness’? Something I picked up on the beginning is that a lot of people got slammed for being “fake” aka too much photoshopping, not being honest in reviews and so on. Real Ness is a play on my name and realness. I didn’t want to be that girl who sells out for brands. I love to share products that I try but I will give my honest opinion on it. Also when I take pictures I don’t photoshop for hell. My photos may not look as good as others but I would like to think that at least its the honest proof there.

THIS PET PEEVE I HAVE IS BLOGGERS SLAGGING OTHERS OFF ESPECIALLY ON OPEN TWITTER WARS. We like to say we are this “blogging community” but lets face it, once you see the Twitter wars, it brings everything down. It sucks. Whatever happened to empowering each other? Seeing them made me want to distance myself from those doing that. Sounds stupid but I would rather mix myself with bloggers who love to encourage.

There is a lot of dedication to blogging. Mostly the time and effort put into posts but to get noticed you need to socialise, get into twitter chats, follow, like and comment. Its hard and bloggers don’t get credit for what they do, especially from big brands who can take for granted that a lot of bloggers put the effort there in the first place. The media love to slag off bloggers but my opinion is that bloggers will generally be more honest in their reviews. The media tend to be generally depressing in their articles so I would rather head over to a blogger who has much more life in their posts.

Even though I have been doing this for 9 months I still wonder if I truly have found my niche. Is there something I am lacking? My content? My wording? My photography? I would like to work with brands more but I feel that there needs to be more dedication to my blog and I mean massively.

One thing I am glad about is going to blogger events. I mean I have met some pretty bomb people there #GIRLGANG. Thats my favourite part with blogging. The socialising and getting to know other people. Every event I go to is pretty much a laugh. 5 minutes after meeting new bloggers, before I knew it we were in the street doing blogging pics. It’s like we instantly connect.

Blogging gets me away from a normal life of studying engineering and hanging around guys all the time. I can reach my inner woman and talk about makeup, clothes and brands and have people to get hyped with. It truly is hard work but I still love it. I got a long long way to go but so far, I’m just doing what I do and doing it with happiness.