Blogger events means seeing blogging gals, meeting new brands and socialising. SL Events organised the Bloggers Festival and as always doesn’t disappoint. My ladies Naila, Landrine & Saphron came with to the Conrad St James Park hotel.

Scarlett made this one of the most instagramable events with not only the signature flower wall but such a sweet balloon wall on arrival. Blog photo goals right here.

Photo credit to Naila & Landrine

The one thing I really loved about the event was La Fête who are event planners. They set up a row of tables as if you were planning a dinner party which was 100% table goals. The best bit was they had some many items and allowed us to mix and match the tables up to how we like. I was seriously getting future interior designing tips for my place.


A new set of brands had come to event with a return from SanDisk who finally had a Type C Usb storage device so I will definitely give that a go! The two brands who caught my eye before the event had begun was Drink Vieve, a brand that sells protein water and Alflorex, precision biotics for gut health. Being on the whole healthy living recently and a sufferer of IBS I have been looking of ways to improve my stomach. Both brands gave me information on their product and a sample which I will try to see how each affects my body and hopefully to carry on with them.

Bear Hug Gifts are the cutest! They send gift/care packages for any occasion. Even just the thought of them makes you feel as soft as a marshmallow.

Oh did I mention they had alcoholic popsicles? Pimms Pop rocks!

I loved how this event was more interactive with the table creations by La Fete. I always love seeing new brands who aren’t always on the high street, just that idea of uniqueness and products that aren’t typically mainstream have always been more in my favour. Scarlett looked beautiful and thank you for another event!

Wish you went? What did you like the most?