Everyone needs a bucket list. They are great to have especially when you want to look back over your life and say “Hey, I did all these things” especially when you have wanted to work so hard for them. These are the things I want to achieve across my life

My Bucket List

  1. Go to every continent in the world
  2. Visit every state in the USA
  3. Go to a Holi Festival
  4. Visit the pyramids of Egypt
  5. Ride a mechanical bull
  6. Hold a plank for a minute
  7. Be able to do 20 perfect pushups
  8. Do a 5K run
  9. Visit Niagara Falls
  10. Zip line somewhere awesome
  11. Hold a Koala
  12. Go in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  13. Be able to make Sushi
  14. Try some pottery
  15. Do a murder mystery dinner
  16. Go to see Wimbledon Live
  17. Make my own perfume
  18. Successfully own a home
  19. Pass my BEng with a First
  20. Take a makeup lesson
  21. Fly 1st Class
  22. Get Married
  23. Go in a maze and (hopefully) get out of it
  24. Do a photoshoot
  25. Attend the Olympics


A little list atm but Ill add more and tick off as I go along.

What do you want achieve in life?