If you were at Bloggers Festival….HOW LOVELY WERE THEY! I normally use Nose Pore Strips but tea tree oil ones so this is my first charcoal & bamboo product! So what I think…


Simple. Effect. Black for obvious reasons. Easy to open. Nose strip was black which I wasn’t expecting but different!


The product advises to use T Zone face wash before but I don’t own any so I went straight into washing my face yet not totally drying it. The strip like any other needs the moisture in order to stick so I made sure my nose was pretty wet. The sticking on bit was easy, stuck on damn good. It did not feel like it was going to peel off at any point. T Zone advise to wait 5-10 minutes once its stiff then peel. Trust me listen to this, I left a nose strip on for like 30 minutes before as oh my the pain of peeling!

Removal & Results

Hallelujah! An easy removal! None of that pain thank god! Little bits of charcoal was left around my nose but this was easily washed off with warm water and a cotton pad. How my nose felt? Smooooooooth. Yes thats right. Smooooooooth. You can see in the picture all the little bits of skin that have come off. In my opinion a black nose strip is really useful as it makes it more visible to see what has come off. Checking my nose there were small little patches that the strip had missed but overall most of the rubbish in my skin the strip had got! My nose feels so smooth.


I ditched a charcoal face mask ages ago because it dried up my skin but with this nose strip, I just did not feel any dryness to it. So if you naturally have dry skin like I do, I personally would not worry with this product and just go for it!