Another thing I picked up earlier this year at the Glamour Beauty Festival. You probably have seen my previous posts where I constantly enjoy mentioned about my crappy skin and how it can react easily and is eczema prone. So here is Fresh Soy Face Cleanser to see how good it is and whether it will make my face hate it.


Simple and effective. Not exactly stand out but it does. Could even go with minimalist.



The cleanser comes out clear but once you start rubbing it on your face it starts to foam gently. It isn’t grainy like an exfoliate but feels smooth and does not burn at all, not even in the eyes. This product can be rubbed into the eyes and I felt no pain at all. Although soy, I did smell a cucumber scent to it which was refreshing.


Fresh as a daisy! When I washed off the cleanser my face was pretty smooth. My skin looked clear, no inflammations and felt quite moist which kept!


Retails at £11.50 from John Lewis & Harrods. The product is more of a luxury but if you want quality and need it due to skin care issues and don’t want rubbish chemicals from drug store products then I would agree with buying this.