Vieve describe themselves as ‘A hydrating, refreshing water based protein drink that offers the same benefits as other products on the market (e.g 20g protein, zero carbs or sugar) but actually tastes great and isn’t a messy powder or milky drink.  We are also targeted at everyday active people not just body builder or athletes which makes us unique’

About The Product

  • Naturally flavored great tasting refreshing water infused with protein
  • Not a milky drink or powder
  • 20g protein, 0 carbs, low calorie
  • Lactose Free
  • Fat Free
  • Sugar Free – First Sports Nutrition product endorsed by Sugarwise
  • Available in a convenient 500ml PET on the go format
  • 3 Flavours: Strawberry & Rhubarb, Citrus Apple & Mint, Coconut & Honey
  • Aimed at a mass market audience as opposed to bodybuilders or athletes exclusively
  • RRP £14.99 / Available online at the moment on

I met them at Bloggers Ball which was a great opportunity to try a brand new protein product, especially one which I have never tried before. There is always trying different whey protein flavours with milk but protein water was totally a first. So far there are 3 different flavours – Coconut & Honey, Strawberry & Rhubarb and Citrus Apple & Mint. Trying a sample of each and it was so refreshing. If you have ever had any of the Glaceau Vitamin Water then this is just like it but with 20g of protein. For someone with a lot of stomach issues, having a refreshing protein drink that doesn’t disrupt me and tastes so refreshing is really something beneficial to myself. I even have some while I work out because it really perks me up during my workout.


The product does not taste sickly nor is it carbonated. The blend of flavours are really complimentary and would like to see what other combinations they would come up with in the future! Vieve also get the pretty awesome status for donating 1% of their profits to Mind. I would happily switch from milk based products to water based as this is better for me in terms on how my body reacts to it and what this product offers is better than milk based proteins.