Everyone has a bucket list, all these challenges and cool things they want to complete in their lives but what about all the stuff has been done so far? I mean I did not waste 23 years of my life for nothing so here is my reverse bucket list. All things that have big or little meaning to me

  • Went on a safari in Kenya
  • Passed my driving test first time
  • Got into my first choice university
  • Got onto my apprenticeship at the same time as getting into university
  • 2k on the rowing machine under 10 minutes
  • Been away on my own
  • Saved enough for a house deposit
  • Raised money for charity numerous times
  • Passed my Foundation Degree with Distinction.
  • Visited the Thermal Baths in Budapest
  • Visited Franz Ferdinand’s death location in Sarajevo
  • Took a photo by the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign
  • Visited shows in Las Vegas
  • Met Prince Andrew
  • Been to Vatican City
  • Beat anxiety
  • Swim with dolphins in Egypt
  • Taught first aid
  • Ride a camel in Kenya
  • Visited the Maasai people


Why don’t you go write a reverse bucket list? It’s a great way of seeing what you have achieved so far and also a nice little throwback for yourself.