Since 2017 went down pretty successfully, I’ve decided to do the 2018 resolutions. I know you get the typical people who stick to them for like a month but really I want to see 2018 through with achievements again. Goals don’t have to be exhausting but the little ones can be fun and even the littlest thing can make the different. So my plans for 2018…

Keep Positivity Up!

Praise is great! There is so much misery in the world! Too much bringing other people down and not enough compliments. Whether its the little things such as giving someone a like on Instagram to messaging a store or restaurant by telling them what a good job their staff did can also make someone elses day! Spread the positivity!

Balance Out

I believe in balance a lot like a balanced mind, body, diet. So for me to go to the gym but not excessively so I exhaust my body or eat healthily but have the little treat here and there. Take some time out for me. Meditate more, read a book, give my body a break. Just chill out and not to over or under work myself.

Nerd Out

Not going to lie but this year my engineering degree has been pure hassle and I have lost all motivation but I can’t let this affect my grade so this year I want to average out with a 1st in my degree so next year I have something to work with. Engineering really is not easy so I got a challenge on my hands but at the end it will be worth it.

Cook More

I loved cooking in school and only up until recently have I started to get behind the cooker again. I want to try new recipes, do old ones, do ones I love. I find cooking therapeutic so I think I should teach myself more recipes. Only recently did I slay a roast dinner. It helps my aunt got me for Christmas a recipe book using a slow cooker and I have never used one before so this is my new challenge. Nothing too hard but it will be fun to use!


What resolutions are you going to go for in the new year?

Everyone have a great 2017 finale and may everything be wonderful and bright for 2018!