So I wrote about 2017 being the year of positivity here, but what about 2018. Not saying this year won’t be positive but this year I hope to be taking steps which means I officially have to 100% adult now.

This year will be my 2 year anniversary with Luke. Everything has been going so nicely. We’ve traveled about and just generally taken the relationship at a good pace, but now we’ve had moving forward talks. This year we would love to get a place. Obviously see how the housing market is going because you know, BREXIT! Luckily Luke is an estate agent so he can see the trends and get first dibs on any houses they may come in.

Luke has owned a place before but I haven’t so for me this is all new. I have to grow up now. If we get a house this year I will have to start looking at insurance, bills, stamp duty, budgeting. There seems to be a lot to adult here. I can cook and clean, I’ve got that down to a T. But never do I really look at the whole balancing out money thing. I have enough money coming in which I am thankful for but with housing bills to come in, that will be a lot more money going out so now I have to start to be clever with money.

Do I Really Need It?

I can’t just impulse buy anymore. Like sometimes I’d be like ooooo! But now I really need to decide do I actually need it or is my money better off being saved. I need to decide whats truly crucial.

Save At Every Chance

My car is lovely! But it is also brand new, and at a cost. I can afford its monthly payments but the final payment will eventually come so I’m trying to put money aside every time I get paid so when the final payment is due, I don’t have to worry about getting a loan out. If I can pay it off earlier to be fair that would be super but for now one goal at a time.

Get All Information

Before I buy a place I want to see a mortgage broker. These would be so useful. It can help me budget and work out the essentials. Planning ahead will always help anyone!


So this is the major step for me this year. This is the real world and I will do it!