Getting a cold over the winter season is so typical isn’t it! Sods law, all bunged up, coughing, sneezing, all the glamorous symptoms of your immune system fighting. Just had to clear up a cold myself and that was totally annoying, especially when you can’t go and do normal day to day things in case you get worse or somebody starts running away so they don’t catch your germs. So these are my top tips to beat the cold fast.


The fact Scarlett left thermal socks in the Bloggers Festival bag makes me feel blessed. These came in use to much! I am not talking normal socks, I mean proper thermal socks with tog rating. You can pick thermal socks up at stores like Go Outdoors but trust me you will thank me for these


Covonia I love their cough syrups for any type of cough – chesty, tickly, dry and mucus. I have tried plenty of cough medicines but have found Covonia is the best out of them all. I always get bad mucus and find these clear up the throat really well


These are practically my holy grail for sore throats. Get these at any pharmacy but they are a behind the counter product. Just suck on one of these and it helps numb the throat dulling the pain. Brilliant

Essential Oils

I have Lemon Eucalyptus which I picked up from Holland & Barrett. Peppermint can also help. A few drops of these into an aroma air purifier or into your bathtub before a shower will help open up your sinuses, help reduce mucus and the infection. A more natural way of dealing with a cold but it smells so good. The shower I prefer as I love hot showers so the steam will help as well.

Day & Night Nurse

Sod normal paracetamol. Take these. These fight infections quicker and really reduce the symptoms. I know it costs more than a pack of paracetamol but these are so worth it!

Honey & Lemon

Mug of hot water, some lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey will help reduce how your throat feels. My throat has felt inflamed every morning this past week and within like 15 minutes the pain went away. Another natural remedy so don’t bother with those beechams sachets.


Hope these tips help you too!