7th Heaven masks you can literally get anywhere from Primark to Superdrug to supermarkets. They are popular and cheap with each pack maximum I’ve seen sold for £1. There is a variety of types from mud based to peel off to sauna to exfoliation.  I was lucky at the Bloggers Festival to be given a wide variety of these masks but for this I decided to try the classic Cucumber Peel Off.


I love how each one is colourful and different to what each product is. It really does stand out on shop shelving. A simple rip open packet and the product doesn’t come pouring out. There is enough for more than one use so the gel can stay inside without drying up.


The gel is sticky but easy to apply. Literally just spread over the face fully and let it set for 20 minutes so for now just chill out. Go lie down and relax. I could tell it had set by how shiny the set gel had become and did not feel goopy to touch. The peeling does not hurt at all. Think of it as when you were in primary school trying to peel off PVA glue from your hands. Simple fun. The product did not tingle or give any horrible sensations as it was setting. Once off just rinse with warm water!


7th Heaven never fail me. Even at their prices this product is so worth it. I’d love to see what their mud masks are like on my skin but to be fair there is some fun in the peeling part of this mask. If you are stuck on low budget I would recommend this product. A few uses out of it but great for the skin leaving you fresh faced!