Another bloggers event. This time hosted by Scarlett London Events at Trading House, London. Already some of us from last weeks Bloggers Hub Summer Party had booked to go so familiar faces are always fun. Going alone can be real daunting but its so easy to find someone and stick around with them at an event. Thats what I love about the blogger events. Its so easy, especially when you have conversed with someone over social media so you are like all HEYYYY OMG IVE FINALLY MET YOU! Which on that note shout out to Yella to coming all the way from Cologne to the event. That is a winning dedication right there. Id love to come see Cologne!

My outfit for the day

The fun part was when I arrived one of the straps on my shoe broke and ended duct taping it back. Last min editing but it worked.

The event

The Trading House had this Harry Potter feel to it. It was pretty rustic and made such good backgrounds. Shame there was not too much natural light in so most pictures taken came out dark.

The Sugababes are back!

There were a variety of brands about including the irresistible Candy Kittens, Sandisk, Lipivir, SmoothSkin IPL, Shades of Black & White Hoxton and many more!

I already own a Smooth Skin IPL product which works so well but Candy Kittens won hands down for me <3 like who wouldnt choose Candy Kittens???

To me the event meant  more socalising, finally putting names to faces. Sometimes it was so weird when someone grabbed you and was like heyyy and you’re like errr then as soon as it clicked who you met its likes ahhh hey!

So it was lovely to meet and see Aliyah, Yella, Lai, Naila, Laura, Landrine, Paris, Beth, Lily, Tabby but also seeing Alex, Saphron & Patrizia again!

Oh and for my ladies, when someone talks to you and you have no clue who they are, not even their name…

Did I mention that Saphron rocked green glitter lips?

The goody bags were so on point! Teeth whitening kit, strawberry daiquiri cocktail, snacks, OGX products and more! Scarlett you rocked that one out girl!

Without trying to sound like some total fangirl can I say that Scarlett looked so effortlessly glamourous!

That day I just loved the blogging community. Met some lovely ladies and new friends were made. I sound so typical saying this but I honestly cannot wait for future events!

Until then…