I’m still a total newbie to blogging. I mean I remember when I moved to self hosting and found so much trouble setting it up because I was just totally confused but nonetheless my blog I think looks pretty damn good and I’m glad I get to control the layout and make it my own. It’s only been a year but I really want to push my blog further. I enjoy the writing but I need to take it up a notch this year.

Create Varied Content

So for the past year I did play it safe a lot like I did a lot of review posts which aren’t bad but I feel like I can’t just be doing review after review. I want to share other content. I should even try things that are out of my comfort zone so this year I plan to write more lifestyle than review based content, though I won’t stop with the reviews because to be fair, who doesn’t love a review!

Get My Blog Out There

Twitter is the best place to push your blog but I should use all platforms available. Use my Instagram more, post on Facebook groups, even learn how to use Pinterest to get my blog noticed more. Guess it’s the best way to draw traffic.

Meet & Greet

I have made some pretty amazing blogger friends from 2017 both from London & Essex. It was great to meet different bloggers from blogging events or brunches. I would love to do more a network out. Everyone’s blog is unique and so is their creator! Would love to expand out the circle more.


What are your blogging goals for this year?