My girl Naila helped me create a winter look that you could do over the holidays. So we decided to break it down step by step to show you how to recreate this look. If you don’t have the exact same palettes no worries find similar colours and use this as inspo!


Firstly set any primer on your face and place foundation on your forehead only. I use Bobbi Brown in Porcelain because you know, transparent pale skin and all. Next is to shape eyebrows. Naila has used Collection Brow Palette on me and shaped my brows. Strong and on fleek.

Next down to the eyes. The reason for not using foundation all over the face is in case of fall out can be easily wiped away and we can shape the eyeshadow with concealer better. Nail used concealer in a lighter colour to make the brows pop and to give a base to my eyes. If you have a primer you could also use this. I own Kiko Milano Eye Primer  but Naila used Morphe Concealer Palette Cool Tone 

The main eyeshadow palette used for my eyes is Magic by Juvia’s Place. This was the first time we used the palette and wow I loved it. For transition shades we used Morphe 39A Palette.

The main orange colour used here is “Zakiya” from Magic. Spread this above the eyelid area.

The outer lid area used “Nana” from Magic as a base with a darker brown from 39A on top. The eyelid was “Boronu” from Magic which was simply swept across. To make the eyes pop out more for the inner corner “Osun” from magic was dabbed on the upper and lower inner corner just so the eyes are opened up more and the inner eye pops out. A winged affect is a nice touch and this was used with Inglot AMC Gel Liner.

Finally instead of using an eyeliner on the lower lash line, Naila used “Nubia” from Magic which went with the colour scheme but was a nice contrast to the bold eyeliner.

Finally add mascara and bold lashes and zing, your look is created! Add your concealer, rest of foundation, contour and blush and there you have the rest of your base. As its festive we went for a red lip look using Smashbox lipgloss and a bold red lipliner. Use any brand you like but go for like a London Bus Red. Snazz up the photo and you have one sick glamourous winter look for this year.

Check out my girl Naila here on her Youtube. She takes bookings too!