I came across Gracie’s Blog and saw this post and thought why not?

#Blogmas or #Vlogmas?

Blogmas, I don’t vlog!….yet!

Watch Baking Videos on YouTube or Make Festive Treats Yourself?

Both? Learn on Youtube then bake myself 😀

Create “December” Vlogs Every Day or Christmas-themed Videos Once/Twice a Week?

I think the latter seems to be easier, more time to plan out

Read Christmas Posts by Other Bloggers or Watch Christmas Videos by other YouTubers?

Read posts. SHOW SOME LOVE

Listen to New Christmas Songs or Old Christmas Songs?

Old. I don’t think there is that many new ones anyway?

Wear Sparkles or Wrap Up Warm?

Warmth. Warmth always.

Attend Christmas Parties or Sit By The Fire Watching Christmas Films?

I’m an introvert so staying in and watching films.

Shop in the Black Friday Sales or Boxing Day Sales?

Boxing Day. Black Friday isn’t that much these days

Wear a Huge Puffer Jacket or an Oversized (Faux) Fur Coat?

Faux Fur. Match with the fur hat and I got my Tsarina look nailed.

Change Up Your Skincare Routine due to the Weather or Keep it the Same Year Round?

Change up! Need to make sure the skin is always looked after!

Paint Your Nails Christmas Themed or Get Them Done Ready for Christmas and New Year?

Get them done! I suck at nails!

Carry out #Blogmas/#Vlogmas for the Whole of December and Not Post the Rest of the Year or Post Weekly and Not Participate in #Blogmas/#Vlogmas?

Sorry but post weekly. Need to keep the blog alive!

See you Facebook ‘Year in Review’ or Spotify ‘Year in Music’?

Spotify for sure. It will be like a years throwback

Be the Person You Were at the Beginning of the Year or the Person You Are Now?

The person I am now!

Give Presents or Receive Presents?


Carry Out Your Own Christmas Giveaway or Participate/Enter in Someone Else’s Giveaway?

Participate. Maybe when I can I’ll do a giveaway

Wear Tartan or Star Print This Season?

Tartan. Rock it

Only Wear Oversized Knitted Jumpers This Season or Oversized Hoodies?

Jumpers! Too cute!

Be with Family or Christmas or Be With Friends?

Family <3

Get Every Beauty Product You Wanted for Christmas or Every Item of Clothing you Wanted for Christmas?

Balls. Can’t I have both? I think I’ll go clothes since my draws can’t handle anymore products and I could do with some sick looks tbf.