I have never cooked for so many people before when it comes to roasts. Admittedly I have cooked a roast once, and that was last year, so I am a total newbie to this still. Every year my friends so something called “Mini Christmas” where each year school friends get together at someones house and we have a Christmas dinner with a cheap secret Santa.  Since I had a free house I was hosting. I didn’t expect how much goes into it all but I had my little elves to help out


My lovely Hannah came up early to help shop and set up. I had to cook for 9 people, one being vegan so we have to take into account what foods are suitable and cooking preparations, just to throw a curveball in there. Main meal, desserts and drinks is what we needed and god if I have learn’t anything its never go food shopping so close to Christmas, it was so bloody packed in the supermarket. Absolute pain moving about.

Shopping selfie


Layout is everything. I like presentation so the fancy cutlery came out, all matching coasters and place mats, mini Christmas tree in place, table decor out, crackers laid, I need it all. While Hannah help lays the table I ran round vacuuming and removing any crap laying about. Like make the place spotless. I really need it to be presentable.

Cooking The Dinner

This is the biggest hassle. Lucky my little helper Hannah helped plan out the times and what needs to go in when. Organisation key. Trust. Chicken first, always. Being me I cant just serve a plain chicken, girl needs to season it. Oiled it for some nice skin, mixed herbs and rosemary to coat, and fisted that chicken with oranges and lemon. Yup I shoved it up its ass.

While that was cooking (also remember to baste it for super nice chicken skin) prep everything else. Peel the veg, and place the rest of the food out on the trays ready to go in. Martin appears part way through so the kitchen crew has more hands and good planning. With one oven and 9 people it wasn’t that easy, especially when you need extra trays for the vegan so there is no cross contamination.

Less of a carve more of massacre….

Hot kitchen, hot house doesn’t mix, then everyone starts arriving and this getting crowded. Need them to sit down otherwise ill melt. My kitchen literally became a sauna.

All ready!

And Relax

Oh thank god with great planning and help the cooking ran smoothly and the chicken was so damn peng! Drinks aplenty, so much food, not forgetting the yule log and cream in the fridge, it was successful. Its just so lovely to catch up with friends I don’t see for months. That’s the great bit, we all have our own lives but we didn’t stop being friends. I ended up getting the Impulse Tease body spray from Secret Santa which to be fair cracked a smile on my face since this was what I wore literally throughout my school years. A nice little homage!

So the challenge has been completed. I can cook for 9 people, obvs with help, but it worked. Just guess who had to do the washing up! Praise the Lord for the dishwasher.