Boxing Day sales are nearing and to be fair I’ve preferred these sales to the Black Friday sales as most of the sales that were happening then could have happened any time of the year. Some people like to go a little wild on Boxing Day sales, some sensible. Either way these are my tips to when it comes to shopping post Christmas Day

Ask Yourself The Big Question

Do I want it? Do I need it? These are the main two questions. Firstly ask yourself if you truly want the item you are buying or are you just a magpie to pretty things. Secondly the decider, is it needed, could your budget be spent elsewhere, is this something that looks good but will probably be shoved to the back of a cupboard. Be wise.

Can You Wait?

So I’ve normally found that when the sales go into January they slash more prices, which is great but then there is the issue of what if it goes out of stock because it was brought on Boxing Day. May not have a bigger reduction on the 26th but maybe in demand. If you really aren’t too fussed about the item I would say wait it out until January. Get it at a further reduction and if you lose out then oh well, money saved in that case.

Are You Going Out?

Normally I go out to the sales. This year I won’t be but I have noticed that best time to go is roughly 15 minutes before stores open. Next normally open super early but if you are planning to go out get there early. Parking your car will be easier than later in the day and you have more chance of picking up something first.

Make A Route

Normally when I go to Lakeside I need to think so myself, what stores are likely to be busiest and in demand. From here I plan a route in the mall of order of shops to visit. Naturally I visit Victoria’s Secret first followed by Boots as their gift sets go cheap and go from then on.

Making A Super Early Saving

Ok this may sound silly to some but why not get some decorations for next year. Stores will slash prices on things like wrapping paper, cards, Christmas Tree decorations so why not get some for next year? Especially where some stores such as Paperchase will have their wrapping paper at a better suited price. Stock up and prepare for the following year.