Going to the Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market is one of my annual Christmas traditions. I love being able to go up to Suffolk, spend time with family and get in the festive mood. The market normally sits in the 3rd weekend of November and is spread across the town centre from Thursday to Sunday. With choirs and bands performing at Angel Hill the music really gets me in the festive spirit.

Gets busy quickly!

There are a variety of stalls from food to decorations to gifts, it goes on. Since I go every year I always have my favourites which I look out for. What also helps is the stalls being in the same place every year so I don’t have to spend time going around looking for them.

These are so pretty to hang!


Oh my the sweets had endless flavours. If you think the cable sweets above look pretty cool and have pretty cool flavours you should have seen the fudge that was about. Flavours such as Lavender, Mango, Peppermint, Jaegermeister, Chocolate Orange, Strawberries & Cream…it really goes on and on. Great for having over Christmas or to give as a gift.

The amount of cheese stalls are ridiculous! Even the flavours are crazy. From your Extra Mature Cheddar for the more normal people to crazy flavours such as Orange and Whiskey, Horseradish, Mango, Garlic and Herb, Tomato & Basil…hell you can even buy black cheese! YES THATS RIGHT! BLACK CHEESE! Don’t let your brain fool you though, though it may look weird, its quite creamy!

Note. German sausage stalls are a plenty!

I picked up such a nice owl key ring and a pair of gloves for £8 in total. ZING BARGAIN! There was one stall I walked past which sold handmade soaps with smells such as lavender and mint and wow it was so refreshing the smell!

The market does get busy pre warning. You would need to get there early enough as parking can really fill up and with the weather being cold, coffee shops really fill up. If you fancy a sit down meal I recommend The Fox Inn just outside the Abbey Gardens. It has that old English Inn feel, great for a Suffolk pub. I would say the majority of stalls are food based whether food to buy to eat there and then or pieces to take home.

My recommendations are:

  • Chocolate Kisses – A marshmallow foamy mix on a wafer based coated in chocolate. Variety of flavours. Located in Angel Hill near the stage
  • Sym’s Pantry – Bacon based condiments. Baconnaise, Bacon Brown Sauce, Bacon Ketchup oh its tasty!
  • Wild Game Meat – A Lithuanian company who sell organic meats such as elk and red deer sausages. Dried beaver jerky too. Lil funky but nice taste. Love the elk and red deer!


The market is a great day out. Though it gets crowded I love how it gets you in the festive mood right before December hits. You can even pick up bits that you would not really find in the supermarket making your Christmas that litttle more unique. If you are interested to go and want information check out the website here. The market is the same every year with the same exhibitors so what you will see now is what you will get next year.