I made this last year and it came out so well, heck I was proud of it. Something different from a Christmas cookie. Meringue with a fruity coating. YUMMY! Here’s how I made it.


4 egg whites at room temperature
250g Caster sugar
1 tsp white wine vinegar
2 tsp sifted cornflour (optional)

150g Raspberries
Can of whipped cream
Mint Leaves
Some lemon juice
80g Caster sugar

I didn’t use cornflour as there was none at home but it did not affect the mixture hence optional. Cornflour helps thicken mixtures but I found mine came out fine without the cornflour.


1. Take your egg whites & pinch of salt and using a hand mixer, mix both until the mixture can form soft peaks. It will expand and be frothy/foamy but when you bring the mixer up you can form gentle peaks.


2. Start to add in your sugar BUT NOT IN ONE GO! I added in a tablespoon at a time. Eventually the mixture will start to stiffen and shine. After the sugar add the cornflour and vinegar. You maybe mixing for a while but to make sure you have made that perfect mixture it should be so stiff that when you tip the bowl upside down no mixture will fall out and defy gravity.

3. On baking paper you will want to put your mixture in a circle in spoonfuls. Either mark out on the paper a circle as a guidance or if you have any circular trays like I do, use it as a guidance. Once you have made the circle start to add more on top. You can smooth the top layer if you would like to but I like to leave the peaks to give that real meringue effect.

4. Cook the meringue on 120 degrees celsius for 2 hours. Do not open the oven at any time and once cooking has finished let it cool completely before taking out of the oven. Obviously the brown bits are overcooked parts that I was able to break off. Don’t worry if it does not come out perfect because you can cover anything with the topping.

5. Take your cream and squirt on the top layer and smooth over. Take your raspberries, lemon juice, sugar and blend all together. Drizzle this on top of the meringue. It can messy so I had a spare chopping board on the side and gently move the meringue to here so you can wipe away the spare sauce that has drizzled off. From here you can add your berries and mint leaves and voila! Bon Appetit!