So I had posted a pic on Instagram of and everyone commented on how they loved my look.

It was so easy to do!

So my easy step by step guide…

Firstly eyeliner!

I use Kiko Milano Intense Colour. Its my favourite pencil eyeliner. If you want to use liquid eyeliner go ahead but this is what I used. Its the one pencil I can use without going over it again and again. It comes out so bold!

Next the sparkly bit 😀

I use Go Get Glitter pots. I picked these up at Beautycon 2016. They were doing a deal where if you got 3 glitter pots you get the glue free. I’ve heard you can use primer to help stick glitter on but this is so much easier. The glue pot is a decent size and comes with a nail varnish style brush to place the glue on the eyelids. I dip my eyeshadow brush into the glitter after I spread the glue on my eyelids and start dabbing away.

I’m no makeup artist so I don’t end up doing things perfectly but guess the end results came out pretty damn well. I cover the whole lid up to the eyeliner.

Finally now this is your choice whether you want to use fake lashes or just good old mascara. I used lashes followed by mascara just to blacked my natural lashes which show up. The lashes are Brit Rocks and I picked them up from Savers. Pretty damn good for a cheap price of £1.99!

Voila! 3 steps easily done without having to do all the blending and multi colour shadows for a stand out look!