As it was #BloggersBall this was a difficult one. I think pretty much everyone was like WHAT DO I WEAR! I mean its a ball so you would think quite dressy but it was on a Saturday afternoon so kinda did throw you off.

My decision, nice short dress. Not slutty but to add some class since it was a ball at the end of the day.

Dress – Miss Selfridge

Shoes – Unze

Now being honest the shoes I actually purchased back in 2010! These were my prom shoes and the scarf is actually my mums so recycling fashion never hurt anyone. The dress was on sale at Miss Selfridge and it was going fast and this was like early morning it was off the hook, so I kinda hit the sod it button and just bought it and I really was not disappointed. I get really funny with clothes sizing and I thought it was going to be a tight fit but it felt so good. Not loose or tight, just right!

Unze do really nice shoes inspired with a diamante style on quite a lot of their going out footwear. If you live in London you can find their store at Westfield Stratford on the ground floor. Really good recommend!