Feeling itchy? covered in red patches? skin can be sore and flaky?

I have been there. Eczema is the devils work. I was born with it and it affected my childhood and practically most of my teens as well. Some are lucky just to get small patches. Me, I get them in the most obvious places – face, elbow creases, wrists, fingers, even when I was younger back of my thighs. Up until I was about 19 I always had eczema. We did not know much about it, all doctors could do was offer cream after cream after cream. Somehow I would try a new cream, it would start to work then POOF! I suddenly become immune and it longer works. So back to square one.


Life is not over. Eventually through trial and error I started to find ways in my life and products to help calm it. I get lots of factors that affect my eczema such as weather or materials from work which can trigger it up still but its mainly under control.


No point letting you suffer right. Back when I was 19 my eczema was so bad on my face the feeling horrendous everyday. Creams started to feel like it was burning off my face. Makeup was difficult. I would try and wear thick coatings of foundation but as soon as it came to removing the makeup then the burning feeling kicked in. It stupid sensitive. But after trying products my eczema calmed down!

Please excuse the terrible pictures I took years ago. You can imagine the picture on the left how bad it was. Lucky my friend Hannah’s parents own a health shop and recommended me products. As I was so fed up I stuck to these religiously. I used simultaneously Allergenics Non Steroidal Cream and Nelsons Clikpak Sulphur 30C.

These worked so so well! With my eczema coming back periodically I found different things also work! You can find these products in Holland & Barrett. But if you live in Essex I really do advise going to Sunrise Natural Health & Nutrition in Hockley. Sally & Richard really know their stuff and are so warm and welcoming.

A big thing I noticed was dairy products. I love my dairy like a dog loves a bone. When I went into hospital last year with my appendix I did not touch dairy and as I stayed there I noticed my eczema cleared up even with a low immune system. Dairy free alternatives such as almond milk or rice milk I can happily drink now with no issue. You can buy dairy alternatives easily in your local supermarkets. These milk products are not in the refrigerated section. Personally I prefer lacto free milk by Arla.

Other creams I have found to work a charm is Puriskin by Vanessa Blake Cosmetics and Dream Cream by Lush. Both feel great to put on as neither give off a stinging affect. As my eczema is normally inflamed I tend to leave my creams in the fridge to give a nice cooling feel to my skin. I can use these both on face and body and there is not issue. Dream Cream feels thicker but Puriskin has that lovely feeling where the cream does not sit on top of the skin but soaks in yet both feel really moisturizing.

Other products such as Bio Oil, Aveeno and Palmers all also help especially on my hands.

Take note of when your eczema gets bad. Mine can be in winter, summer when pollen count is high, dusty areas and certain oils and greases.

Using air purifiers and taking baths with salts mixed with lavender and tea tree oil can be both soothing and relaxing. More natural products whether used for baths or using creams will be kinder to your skin. Also be kind to yourself! Dont let yourself get stressed (sometimes you maybe over thinking things or not planning out!), get good sleep, drink well and eat well!

Well I hope these tips helped. If you have any yourself please do share!