Lydia got in touch via twitter asking bloggers to test out her home made candles. Why not?

Shes starting up her own business L.M Wicks and for starters I got to try out a scented cotton fresh candle in a decorated glass holder. I decided to go with the Versace look. She also says they burn for 25 hours and charges £5.



Firstly Lydia came across professional but easy to talk to. Sorting out a payment and the delivery was no problem. Unfortunately the glass smashed in the post but this was not her fault as the Post Office had wrongly advised her on packaging but I let her know and she was really good about it.



The Royal Mail suck..

So glass removed the candle was not affected 🙂 First impressions: Lovely smell of cotton, it wasn’t too strong but not weak it was so perfect and refreshing. Even my mum agreed how nice the smell was. I like the colour. The light yellow suits any place in the house.

I lit up the candle over dinner and its burn beautifully. The smell is subtle but when air brushes past it, it hits you and gives off a refreshing cotton smell. I’ve been lighting up the candle for a couple of hours every evening and it burns for a long time.

Overall I think this is a lovely candle to suit any home and its glass design is attracting to any fashionista. I think this is a great business Lydia is starting up and can’t wait to see what other scented candles she will release. With so many chain businesses, startup home businesses can find a struggle so I think we should support them more. These candles Lydia makes are good quality and recommendable to anyone.