Dear 14 Year Old Me

If you were ever to read this then I know that you are wearing all black right now probably listening to some rock. Life is pretty crazy for you right now and I know it still will be practically 10 years later. You will feel lost for a long time, there is plenty of tears and tragedies to come, ones that pretty much suck and make you feel at the lowest point of your life that when you think you hit rock bottom you realise actually it can go further down. But this letter is here as a turn around.

I know firstly, you won’t believe anything I write because that is the person we are, been so criticized to the point when someone actually wants to compliment us, we still think they are lying and aren’t really sure how to respond so just bear with me through this.

Anxiety sucks. It really does but you are not actually alone, you think you are but there are others, they just are not as brave as you are to be as open about it so go you on that one. It will be a tough number of years but as someone told me that you need to take a few steps back to leap forward. So hold out, it will be worth it.

A big thing I have noticed is that we were always told, we couldn’t do it, that we weren’t strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, good enough. It turns out, actually we can do it. It is a lot of hard work to finally say we can do it but it is worthwhile as the hard work shows our patience and how determined we are to achieve. A con man is who he is as his does not have the patience to earn.

There aren’t enough strong women figures in life, instead the wrong people are promoted, so you kinda will have to find some determination some where but don’t worry, you will find your reasonings to why you want to do what you want in life.

Be patient, you will crack at times but you will be fixed. Hold up. You will be that strong woman.




Oh btw, you will lose the black. And actually become girly. No joke.