Las Vegas is the city break of all city breaks. I went out there for a week and still did not get to do everything I wanted to do! This was my first ever trip to the states so the excitement was unreal.


Note: Organising your trip will not be cheap. I booked with my boyfriend and his parents and we were lucky that we booked in the January sale (We found out after if we booked outside of the sale it would have cost us another £500) so I would advise to find any seasonal sales and wait for them. Gatwick to Vegas is a 10 hour flight so I would advise to fly with a good airline. This holiday was booked with Virgin Holidays (And I would definitely book again with them). The week cost £1200 which included – hotel, car rental for the week, use of V Lounge at Gatwick, economy and premium economy on return flights. For just economy flights and hotel the week was £1000.

Flights on Virgin was like non stop feeding everyone. The service was immaculate. I would not use the V Lounge again. When I hear lounge I like to think of a relaxing environment but the lounge felt slightly overcrowded and busy. Food and drink were fine but I would have enjoyed much more of a chilled vibe. Now if you just plan to stay on the strip I wouldn’t recommend getting car rental and everything is practically close by but if you do plan to venture out to Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon or Death Valley then a car is needed.


This trip we stayed at Signature at MGM. This hotel doesn’t have the casino so is generally quieter. There is a walkway linking to the MGM Grand which is much busier and louder. You can use the MGM Grand pool but their guests cant use yours. The hotel is 1 minute off the strip so if you cannot stand the loud and busy life 24//7 then come here for some peace and quiet. Every room is a suite. A kitchenette, bathroom with shower and jacuzzi bath, a sitting area and double bed for the minimum was worth it. I was situated on the 27th floor facing the strip. A lovely view and perfect setting.

What To Do

Stupid statement to be fair. THERE IS PLENTY TO DO. Vegas is literally alive. Shows, Gambling, Shooting, Shopping, Sightseeing, jeez the list goes on and on. Personally, I went shopping in the outlets & other malls across the strip, saw two shows (Tournament of Kings & Criss Angel), Had a go and failed at Roulette, went to Red Rock Canyon, Visited CBS TV City, Checked out the Bellagio fountains, Visited the other hotels (which have their own quirks). To be fair I could go on a bit more but I will save it for another post! So to end on here check out some of my pictures 😉

Las Vegas