Room 101 is great to get things off your chest and banish for good! If you haven’t seen the programme normally 3 celebs go on the show and pick 3 pet hates they would banish for good. So I thought well why not!

Big Butts

I don’t like big butts and I cannot lie. It seems to be this decades fashion trend with the small waist and big butts. I love a lifted tush but the ones that are wayyyyy out of proportion to the rest of the body like Kim K has just does not look good. Nah dah. I really cannot see the attraction in having a stupidly massive ass that takes up a quarter of the human body size. Squat booty I am all for but out of proportional booty is a banish to Room 101 for me!

Parents Who Treat Their Kids Bad In Public

Nothing winds me up more than seeing parents who shout and swear at their kids in public. I’ve heard “Shut the f*** up!” shouted to a 2 year old child. I’ve seen kids being grabbed and threatened by their parents, I’ve heard a parent swear at their child to “move the f*** up the bench* because they couldn’t be bothered to take an extra 2 steps to sit on the other side of the child. It really sickens me. I know I don’t have any children but to be that mean to a child especially at such a young age where their brain is like a sponge they will feel so down and unloved. Surely there are other ways of talking/disciplining a child?

Sleazy Flirting

So this is aimed at all the guys who wolf whistle at ladies and slap our ass as we walk by or try to cheekily do it. To the guys who do this please answer this question on my behalf…”In what world do you honestly think that when we are looking for a man in our lives that we feel that having our ass slapped will all of a sudden make us find you attractive?” I just find it purely disrespectful. It’s things like that why women say men are assholes. Did it really hurt to come up to us and politely and talk to us? Clearly its easier to make yourself look like a complete idiot. Why do guys like this have to act this way. I don’t¬†surrounded with idiots thanks.