Do you know someone who is an absolute foodie! My boyfriend lovesssssss food! When we travel about in our city breaks the main thing for us is to try the cuisine. So as part of his birthday present I went to book him a food tour. I searched Trip Advisor and compared loads of different food tours and alas we came across Secret Food Tours Rome! For 69 euro per person for 3-3.5 hrs of a tour which includes information on the food, taste testing and historic information of the city.

Stop #1 – Coffee

So this was an interesting one as in all 23 years of my life have I never drank coffee. Fact. I was offered juice but I thought to hell why not may as well.  Espresso decaf – mainly as this was my first coffee and decaf is weaker I was advised. This reminded me of why I don’t drink coffee at all but to be fair the taste was not revolting, just purely I am a tea person. My boyfriend did have a non decaf and he loved it. Best coffee he has had and he is a picky one!

Stop #2 – Pizza

When you think of Italian food what is the first item you think of? Naturally you will choose Pizza or Pasta. Fun fact of the day – The Italian flag is based on pizza, white being the mozzarella, red is the tomato sauce and green is basil/herbs. Even Italian pizza is different around the country, in Rome the pizza is thin and crispy, got to Naples and you will get a thick and fluffy base! Never knew that.


Stop #3 – Burrata

Burrata – the best way to describe it as an exterior of mozzarella but the interior of creamy yogurt. Being honest here most the people on our tour did not like this but me being the cheese fan here…well of course I was going to like it!

Stop #4 – Suppli

Suppli is fried risotto balls. Different right? It is an odd texture with a hardened fried exterior but once you bite it crumbles in the mouth. We got to try 2 different flavours, one plain and one tomato. The tomato flavour was quite strong so personally I preferred the plain flavour but for something I have never tried before, I really liked it!


Stop #5 – Cannelloni

This was one of my favourite dishes. A cannelloni filled with mild ricotta cream. The icing sugar that gently coated the exterior added a touch of sweetness.


Stop #6 – Pasta

A tomato rigatoni and a spaghetti cooked plain with its secret little addition – adding olive oil to the water it is cooked in. Oddly enough you will notice Italian spaghetti it actually quite thicker than spaghetti over here in England. Both so full of flavour. The oiled pasta was different but not sure if I would actually try and copy the recipe. The tomato wins it here for me


Stop #7 – Cheese

Normally I would associate France with cheese but the Italians know how to make cheese. This variety platter was heaven (and if you know me you know I love a good cheese board). The cheese placed on the left had a pistachio flavour to it which was odd, I could bare it but not something I would choose again but the others, I seriously could have eaten all of this to myself.


Stop #8 – Gelato

GELATO! Oh the flavours, the variety of flavours. This consisted of mango, hazelnut and vanilla and boy did it taste good! I don’t care where in Rome you go, you need to get gelato! Go for something not mainstream, you won’t regret it!



If you ever want to go to Rome and fancy doing this food tour just click Secret Food Tour to find out more 🙂

Personally I loved it. You get to visit the places which if you read a map it would not be a likely place to go to but it allowed us to see more of Rome and discover all those little places. Food tours are a great way of experiencing foreign culture and even compare to how your own country do the food (Note: Italians did it better 😉 )