So the next step has come along. I decided to start a Youtube channel. Now I’m sitting here thinking “Am I Crazy?”

I have wanted to do this for such a long time but never really had to confidence not a good set up. Now I finally got a camera stand and a ring light for Christmas I decided to jump at the opportunity. Only problem now is that I’m sitting here thinking, what other things should I talk about. I don’t want to have a bland channel. A lot of people have channels and it can be seen as a saturated thing but surely I should do what I want to do and enjoy right? As I write this I guess I can see why people plan ahead so much with posts. I normally just blog whenever an idea pops into my head but vlogging there seems so much more to it. Am I crazy to start this all? Am I wasting my time?

I really give it to vloggers for the confidence to do it and all the hard work and editing they put in. My first vlog is pretty damn basic so I can’t imagine how long it takes to perfect videos.

Below is my first post. I think I recorded it over 10 times before I stopped stuttering and sounding like a total dork.  Just an introduction but it’s the first step to hopefully bigger things.