I loved that city! I wish I could go back it’s such a different place unlike anywhere else. I spent a week out there and had so much fun that I just have to recommend what to do out there.

1. See A Show

You cannot go to Vegas and not see a show! Personally if you can to go to any show it has to be a magic show. Just seems fitting. I saw Criss Angel: Mindfreak and literally was mind blown. Absolute madness that you do question how he does it! Hes currently at the Luxor and has such a Rockstar personality he just owned that show. I also saw Tournament of Kings at Excalibur which is more family focuses but still a good night as is a dinner show!

2. Go Shooting

Obviously shooting here in the UK is a rarity so getting a chance to try out some weapons is an experience. Battlefield Las Vegas were very accommodating. Free pickup and return from your hotel, assistance in the range, a wide choice of weapons. I’ve shot here under supervision as a cadet but that was with rifles so to try out guns was different and enjoyable.

3. Visit Red Rock Canyon

If you can’t be hassled with the long drive or expensive excursions to the Grand Canyon then just 20 minutes outside the main strip is the Red Rock Canyon. Fascinating place. You can hike about, drive around the route, bike it, bired watch or just enjoy the scenery.

4. Gamble

Not endorsing gambling but Vegas is known for its gambling. Just try some roulette or a slot machine. Say you did it.

5. See The Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio hotel has the most incredible fountains and put on a show every 15 minutes. Every song and show is different so you will never be bored. Day or night it is incredible to view. So beautiful and mesmerizing.

6. Get A Picture Outside The Las Vegas Sign

This one is just pure iconic. South of the strip about 5/10 minute walk from Mandalay Bay. Its just one of those places you need to get a picture!

7. Go Around The Other Hotels

Every hotel has its own quirk. The Flamingo well the picture is self explaintory. New York New York has its own little old New York street. The Bellagio is just pure grand and The Venetian has its own mini Venice inside, canal and boat rides included. Las Vegas is like having its own little countries in one place. Crazy.

8. Eat At A Diner

America is all QUANTITY. You’ll eat breakfast and snack at dinner because you are that full! The Egg & I and Black Bear Diner are outside the strip 10 minutes away but the tastiest food there is! You just need to see what the American food is all about!

9. Go Visit The Outlets

There are some things you will find over in USA that you won’t in the UK. Pandora have great deals, Hot Topic is great for pop culture, there are even some stores that you won’t find in the UK but have the nicest clothing. Some deals are good and some are the same over in the UK  so you really need to fish. I recommend the North Outlet. There is more and I personally found it better.

10. See The Nightlife

The picture speaks for itself. Go clubbing, go out, just enjoy the night.