If you have ever been to Rome, you will know the main attraction is the architecture. It is like no other. Rome is less of hip and cool but more of beauty and appreciation. So here is my top 5 things to do in Rome.

1. Food Tour

Oh I loved this activity. Takes around 3-4 hours but so worth it. The amount of food and its variety is so much you really are better off skipping breakfast. If you want to enjoy Italian food and culture I really do recommend doing a food tour. I did one with Secret Food Tours which you can read about here. As the food tour is walking its a great way of getting out and about, especially in places where you won’t plan to visit. We ended up in the Jewish area of Rome and it really was beautiful.

2. Visit Vatican City

Vatican City

Going here means you can totally wing the “I visited the smallest country in the world”. Yup its true. It really is a small place but how grand and beautiful it is, is on another level. I would recommend to go inside St Peter’s Basilica You won’t believe your eyes on the decor inside.

3. Visit the Colosseum

This is the most Rome thing you could do. There is not anything to do inside the Colosseum except appreciate its architecture and how it has been standing for years on end. We even tried to piece together on how the layout truly would have been when it was first built. Tip: Get a Roma Pass. You can go in the group entrance and avoid the 2 hour wait outside to get in!

4. Visit the Trevi Fountains


The picture really does not do its size justice. It is a grand fountain with statues and wow. Luke at first like was like “oh its just a fountain” but even he was astonished when we reached it. Even in the summer it sparkles so brightly.

5. Have a Tiramisu

As shown by my wonderful boyfriend how he destroyed 3 of these in a space of 24 hours. They are that good. Especially the flavoured ones such as banana and strawberry where the coffee taste is not there so if you are like me and detest coffee then try a flavoured tiramisu! You will not be disappointed. For the best tiramisu go to Pompi!