2017 was a crazy year. I said at the beginning of the year that this was the year of positivity and it was. This year was better than the last, not trying to be clique but it truly had great outcomes.

My Achievements of 2017

I have been anxiety free for 14 months as of now

I passed my Foundation Degree in Engineering

I filmed for a TV show which I will touch on more in the new year

I went to my first blogging events

I saved up for a deposit for a house with my partner

Finally was able to visit USA for the first time

Attended my first wedding as a guest and it was abroad!

Cooked a roast for my first big dinner party

Traveled more than I ever have this year

Got my blog onto self hosted

Beat all my fitness goals

Saved up to pay my degree off


Some of those may seem like nothing but to me they were a big deal. I’m proud how 2017 turned out. I truly wrote that 2017 was going to be positive here though I really need to stop reading the news but I did things for me, I got rid of the bad, kept the good and everything turned out brilliant. I did it.